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Research Unit2

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Research Unit 2: Life and Death in the Context of Religious Pluralism: A Dialogical Approach

 This project attempts to form a shared universal understanding of life through interreligious discourse between Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Shinto and Tenrikyo. Scholars from different religious groups discuss life, death, and salvation, acknowledging the views of each religious tradition and finding commonalities. It is a fact that all beings must meet the end of life regardless of country or religion. After realizing this sad and inevitable fact, the road to mutual understanding begins, and fighting and conflict may cease as seen the strong will toward peace heard in any message delivered at a war memorial service.
 Today, in a pluralistic world, religious leaders face serious questions regarding the truthfulness of their own religion. Taking the stand point of Mahayana Buddhism, this project utilizes two approaches: discourse with non-Buddhists, and discourse with other denominations of Buddhism. Recognizing contemporary human issues, we seek the special features of Buddhism that can appeal to the world.