Interdisciplinary Research in Buddhist
Perspective on Living, Dying, and Transcendence

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Introduction of CHSR

The Center for Humanities, Science and Religion (CHSR), reflecting on in considering the contributions brought by science in the 20th Century with both a bright side as well as a dark side symbolized by environmental destruction and nuclear weapons, hopes that a harmonious world of coexistence and peace can be realized in the 21st century. In order to achieve this, what isneeded is an awareness of the deeper value of humanity, mutability of life, and the fostering of compassion. This center, based on “seeking for truth, living on truth” - the philosophy of Ryukoku University - is a cooperative research facility that facilitates dialog and interactions among the three fields of the humanity, science, and religion, and aims at the creation of new knowledge. Based on Buddhist views of life an death, our goal is to search for paths to transcend the suffering inherent in living and dying, and to report our findings broadly to society through a variety of media including public lectures, symposia, and exhibitions.

What's  New