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Research Activities

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Plenary Lecture "Buddhist Perspectives of "Interdependent Living" in Bhutan and Japan " at "The 21st Asia-Pacific Social Work Conference"

The 21st Asia-Pacific Social Work Conference

Theme "Crossing Boarder: Interdependent Living and Solidarity"

July 15-18, 2011

Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan


Plenary Lecture of July 16

"Buddhist Perspectives of “Interdependent Living” in Bhutan and Japan"

NABESHIMA Naoki (Professor at the Faculty of Letters, Ryukoku University, Director of CHSR)


Yoon Kee (Korea)
Rose Henderson (New Zealand)
Fentiny Nugroho (Indonesia)


Yasuhiro Kuroki (Japan)

UNIT 1, Symposium and Workshop: Religion and the World of Lived Experience by Ryukoku University Center for Humanities, Science and Religion (CHSR) & Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religions (CSWR)

Date February 25-26, 2011
Place Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religion
Presenters Public Lecture: Buddhist Experience of the World in Modern Japan
1. Ryugo Matsui (Ryukoku University), “Mandala and Forest: Minakata Kumagusu’s Buddhist Perception of Nature”
2. Dennis Hirota (Ryukoku University), “Okakura Tenshin’s Conception of Being-in-the-World”
Workshop: Religion and the World of Lived Experience
1. Charles Hallisey (Harvard University), “Lived Experience in a Sinhala Account of the Great Departure”
2. Janet Gyatso (Harvard University), “The Ethics of the Way of Humans”
3. Joseph O’Leary (Sophia University), “Everyday Life and Ultimate Reality”
4. Thomas Sheehan (Stanford University), “The Nothing: Heidegger’s What Is Metaphysics?”
4. Yoshitsugu Sawai (Tenri University), “Toshihiko Izutsu’s Perspective of Buddhist Thought”
5. Eisho Nasu (Ryukoku University), “Children’s Possibility of Attaining Birth in the Pure Land”
6. Shoryu Katsura (Ryukoku University), Stephen Toulmin and the Buddhist Way of Thinking”
7. Parimal Patil (Harvard University), “On Buddhist Narrative”

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