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Greeting from the Director

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  Although we always wish for peace, we unceasingly participate in war and environmental destruction. As the world becomes economically and politically globalized, cultural differences and abundant cultural traits are increasingly disregarded. It is necessary to create a peaceful and compassionate world through culturally and historically informed views of life and death.
  Since the world is pursuing sustainable relationships between human beings and nature, this project attempts to reevaluate the Buddhist concept of engi (dependent origination) and other Asian views of life and death. Utilizing Buddhist ideas such as "nothing arises and exists without engi, everything is connected," and the Buddhist view of life and death that treasures us to "nurture compassion that transcends death through impermanence," and "all things are connected beyond time and space, transcending the suffering of shoji." This project also draws on East Asian world views and including Confucian concepts of propriety, affection, benevolence, and loyalty, and Taoist ideas of muishizen [living spontaneously and naturally], banbutsuseido [all things are equal], and shinjin [the true man, a ruler of high virtue], incorporating different perspectives on transcending shoji while respecting various cultures and traditions.

Director : Naoki Nabeshima